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Download the Gnostic Book of Changes!

Note: There were some errors discovered in the Hexagram Key, all downloads have been updated. - 3/9/16

Download the Word Zip file: Book

Instructions: this is a .docx document compatible with newer versions of Word (2007 and on up), designed in a menu-style so that you can access the archive without having to unzip or rename the document. All you need do is open the file and double click on the chapter/hexagram you wish to open.

Download the Zip archive: Book

Instructions: this Zip archive is Word 2003 compatible. Each chapter and hexagram are in individual Word documents that you can open using Windows Explorer, Total Commander or that you can open directly from Word if you navigate to the folder wherever you saved it on your computer.

Download the Pdf: Book

Instructions: for reading convenience this is the entire book collected into one .pdf document, accessible either using your web browser's Adobe Reader plugin and/or a version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If the pdf opens in a browser window and you wish to save a hard copy onto your computer, simply find the "download" button on the top right of the navigation bar, or in older versions you can find the button in the hovering menu towards the bottom of the pdf (it should appear when your mouse hovers over it).

Read the E-Book: Book

Instructions: the link will open the online version of the Gnostic Book of Changes, which can be downloaded in epub format for e-book readers, also conveniently formatted for online reading on mobile phones.

If you have any issues opening or saving the downloads, contact the webmaster at