LSD – the Parallax View


ECCO did something in 1942 that I'11 never forget; it threw LSD and atomic energy at us in one go. I once asked ECCO what they did that for and they said, "Well, we're trying to test out the survivability of the human species."
John Lilly interview --

It is tempting to postulate a goal-directed intelligence which orchestrated the discovery of LSD-25. Remember that Albert Hofmann first synthesized this drug in 1938. Since nothing noteworthy was revealed at that time in animal testing, further study of the molecule was abandoned. However, five years later, following a “peculiar presentiment”, Hofmann was inspired to synthesize another batch of LSD and “accidentally” absorbed a drop on his skin. It is trite to say that the rest is history…

If you can imagine yourself out on the edge of time and space, observing the historical continuum through Polaroid glasses, you will discern some interesting ongoing themes. For the unenlightened, the jury is always out on what such happenings may portend, but those with eyes to see might legitimately postulate a great war in heaven between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness – an archetypal rivalry ebbing and flowing endlessly within the objective psyche.

Check it out -- Hoffmann synthesizes Acid in ’38 (the exact date is uncertain). In early March of that year, oil is discovered in Saudi Arabia: a humongous addition to the planet’s petrochemical stash. This sets the stage for an irresolvable impasse when a Jewish State is subsequently created within the Arabs’ greater homeland as a direct consequence of what’s now unfolding in Europe: during that same month, in March of 1938, the Nazis annex Austria into the German Reich, and six months later do the same in Czechoslovakia, making World War II unavoidable within one solar cycle. Jews are already being slaughtered and the world’s jones for petroleum proceeds apace: what a set-up for an Action Thriller in about sixty years! In Switzerland, the formula for a mind-blowing drug now reposes in Albert Hoffmann’s chemical filing cabinet – biding its time. (Demonic laughter off stage – heh, heh, heh!)

A few months later, in January 1939, nuclear fission is revealed, based on experiments done in 1938. The implications are immediately obvious to physicists – an “atomic bomb” is now possible. One month before the outbreak of World War II, Albert Einstein signs a letter to President Roosevelt about our need to build one. Research on how to do this begins in Germany, England and the United States. The nuclear cat is out of the bag – it has been said many times that once these data were known it was not only possible, but inevitable that someone somewhere would create an atomic bomb.

By 1943 the Manhattan Project is well underway, the first nuclear chain-reaction has been accomplished, and out in hyperspace, the personal futures of about 160,000 citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been reduced to something like two years. On April 16PthP, Albert Hoffmann takes the world’s first Acid trip and for better or worse, the destiny of millions of other inhabitants of planet earth also becomes fixed.

“Peculiar presentiment” indeed: in 1947 the first report on Hoffmann’s discovery is published in a Swiss pharmacological journal and two years after that LSD is imported into the United States for clinical testing. By 1950, another paper appears in the American Psychiatric Journal and the psychedelic age is launched. Within one more orbit of our planet around the sun, the Central Intelligence Agency begins Black-Ops experimentation with LSD -- an obsession which is to accelerate more exponentially than you can imagine throughout the next two decades.

Probably the most widely-read memoir of the Psychedelic Sixties is Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. First published in 1968, it defined the public’s image of what that era was all about. Unfortunately, this was several years before the disclosure of how the CIA and other intelligence agencies were directly involved in turning millions of Americans on to psychedelics. Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey are generally assigned that role by Wolfe and by conventional belief, but Leary privately admitted that he’d been funded by the CIA and was supplied with a huge amount of government LSD after he’d been fired from Harvard for turning on his students. Kesey’s first turn-ons came from a university study which was almost certainly funded by Black-Ops. Because most of the CIA’s records on MK-ULTRA and similar mind-control programs were hastily shredded just prior to exposure of the extent of government involvement, we have incomplete data on who did what to whom and when, but the surviving documentation is sufficient to prove that taxpayer money was responsible for fueling much of the zeitgeist of the Sixties counterculture. Is this ironic, crazy, or the mother of all conspiracy theories?

A plausible explanation is that, teleologically considered, as early as 1938 Homo sapiens had regressed to the point where it would take something at least as powerful as LSD to wake it up as a species. There were shamans in the Amazon who understood hyperspace, but they were so far outside of the experience of modern humanity, that their insights were effectively unavailable to us during a time of incredible crisis. If the Devas and Asuras, gods and demons (in short, the Archons in hyperspace) are duking it out (through us) for control of the planet, it appears that both sides have been using the same catalyst for opposite purposes.

The Hindu Vedas, among the oldest written records of humanity, describe this ongoing war in heaven as if it were business as usual on planet earth. They also mention Soma – the original psychedelic, the identity of which has somehow been lost. I’d never claim that Acid is Soma, but it certainly appeared at a critical time and serves a similar function, doesn’t it? Whoever the Archons are, it seems that they’ve always had a fine sense of timing.